Wednesday, 5 August 2015

ADSR 312 - NLC Build notes

The Nonlinearcircuits ADSR312 module is based on the Aires 312 envelope generator.

Aires was a Massachusetts based synth manufacturer from the 1970s & early 80s.
They produced many of their modules in kit form as well as pre-assembled systems such as the Aries 300.

There are no CMOS chips or op-anps in this circuit, and only 4 components are SMD.

 First the 100K SMDs

Diodes & Caps.


Next insert the pots & jacks. I usually attach the jacks to the faceplate & then solder.

Don't forget to solder the ground lugs of the 3.5mm jacks

Almost there.
The LED needs to be mounted.
My LED isn't super bright so I'm using a 330R resistor

You're Done :-)

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