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Bools - NLC build notes

These are the build notes for the nonlinearcircuits Bools Eurorack module.
It's of course, as the name implies, a Boolean Logic module

Very useful for generating gates, envelopes, and CVs that can be sync'd with everything going on in your patch. You can patch lots of things into the bools --- audio signals, LFOs, CVs from sequencers & envelope generators, etc etc. The inputs can be any signal crossing 1V.

The outputs are 5V gates that are all related to each other.
The different combinations of gates will depend on the chips you use.

Suitable chips are
4001 NOR
4011 NAND
4071 OR
4081 AND
4077 XNOR
4030 or 4070 XOR

 "AND and NOR gates tend to create sequences with gaps of silence especially at the beginning of the song and get far more active later in the song.  It’s the opposite for NAND and NOR gates, and XOR and XNOR gates tend to be active all the time, with no gaps at all or very few" (Reinventor).
The 4 inputs drive the chained logic gates.
The gate outputs give the boolean logic result of the signals on inputs 1&2, 2&3, 3&4 and 4&1.
There is also a additional resistor ladder (R/1, R/2.R/4/R/8) which feeds into a sample & hold circuit and a slew to give a smoothed CV out.

To use Bools as a EG, you need to first choose an input to determine the height (1 = low, 4 = high), then set the slope with the slew & feed the S/H input with signals to vary envelope shape.
Andrew's BOM & Build Guide are here:

There are SMDs to solder on both sides of the PCB
Do the SMDs first. They are all passive components- caps & resistors.

Headers next:
For this build I'll use a 4011 NAND gate
1. Muffs thread
2. 4x4 logic manual - NLC panel
3. Boolean sequencer basics
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