Saturday, 15 August 2015

4seq - Piston Honda & VC 303

The nonlinearcircuits 4SEQ is a 4 stage sequencer with a forwards/backwards control (the u/d or up-down jack) allowing the development of quite complex sequences and patterns.

There are two CV outputs that are the reverse of each other. Eg if outX is counting 1,2,3,4 then outY counts 4,3,2,1. There are also gate outputs that are /2, /4, /8 & /16 divisions of the clock signal.
I'm not sure if you can buy the 4seq fully made. I built mine from PCB. The build notes are here.

The piston honda is a wavetable oscillator. It has 2 ROMs , each with 256 waveforms.
 I'm using the 4SEQ to morph through the wavetables. It's all clocked to the intellijel metropolis.

The tip tip drums are also clocked to the metropolis.

The acid sequences are Metropolis - VC.303bass synth

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