Thursday, 6 July 2017

NLC PSU build 2

This is a smaller version of a Nonlinearcircuit PSU I built earlier.

It uses a 12VAC Wall Wart power adapter.
The AC output of the wall wart is rectified with diodes so that positive voltage gets stored on the caps that serve the positive voltage regulator (LM7812) and negative voltage gets stored on the caps that serve the negative voltage regulator (LM7912).

I'm putting together this PSU for an old Serge modular but its actually for Eurorack.
The serge uses +12, -12, +6 and ground so I will have to add a 6V regulator to this later.

Some pics:

The PCB receives 12VAC from a plugpack/ wallwart
. The 1N4004 diodes split this into positive and negative waveforms.

The 4700uF capacitors then smooth out these waves
. The 7812 and 7912 regulators then convert the rectified & smoothed
signals to +12V DC and -12V DC and these are fed to the connectors to be distributed to your lovely modules.
I'm using 250v TDK film caps for the four small 100nf caps

 Poor Grandma.
Let's Eat Grandma is a British musical group formed in 2013 by childhood friends Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth. 

I decided to use 1K resistors for the LEDs

 Some pics of the additional 6V regulator circuit.
 Using a LM7806
 330nf on the left. 100nf on the right.

Red +12V, Black 0V, White -12V, Green +6V

A second build.
I have a very confined case.
 tRYING TO keep everything as flat as possible.

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