Friday, 28 July 2017

Open Frame 40 - Carriage works gig

I attended this gig a month ago. Loved it.
There were 3 artists:

Klara Lewis is Swedish.

She released her debut album Ett in 2014
In that same year she also released an EP, Msuic.

Sara Davachi is Canadian.

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I think her instrument was a ARP odyssey.
It was difficult to tell from a distance.
Alessandro Cortini needs no introduction.

A member of NIN and a founding member of LA-based electronic band Modwheelmood.
He also recorded as Blindoldfreak (esp. when using his Buchla 200e)
Alessandro is also the front-man for the band SONOIO and a member of the band The Mayfield Four.

The Avanti performance was beautiful and heartfelt especially with the backdrop of those old super 8 family videos shot by his grandfather of a young Cortini playing with a wheelbarrow.
I wish I could have recorded it all ... there were visits to the seaside, pictures of Venice,
a wedding. Very emotional and personal.

I received lots and lots of questions regarding what instruments Alessandro used.
I'm not really sure as I never got close to the stage. But the general consensus seems to be
that the sounds were of a EMS synthi, performed with a 4 track tape recorder.

"'AVANTI’ was written and recorded with an EMS Synthi AKS, but live I perform it with a TASCAM 4 track cassette player. It allows me to add another layer of expression to it, much different from the original creative one, while providing a certain degree of stability that the vintage machine wouldn’t be able to provide….with plenty of room for random and happy mistakes if needed."

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