Monday, 31 July 2017

Serge Bi-directional Quad switch - build notes

I've been searching for the perfect synthesizer router for my Serge.
The Serge Bi-directional router is fine but I would love to have more ins/outs.
Recently I built a NLC 32:1and NLC Router for Eurorack.
All excellent and I might one day adapt one for the Serge.
One I haven't tried is the serge Quad switch which seems to be an adaptation of the earlier
Serge Triple Bi-directional R.

The module I'll build is the Cat Girl Synth CGS 88.
Ken's Build notes are here:

The Quad switch uses a CD 4013B.
Its a CMOS Dual D-type flip flop that works as a two bit binary counter.
Looks like the switch used in the vintage 1970's module was a Motorola MC14007UB.
It was mounted on a separate board off the original R4 PCB.
You can still find these.

D = Drain, S = Source.

to be continued..... waiting for parts.

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