Tuesday, 1 August 2017

8 Bit Cipher - NLC - Build notes.

These are my build notes for the NLC cipher Eurorack module.
It is based on the Buchla SOU - source of uncertainity --- the best place for random
CVs and gates.

The 8-bit can produce 4 CVs and 8 gates.
It requires 2 inputs:
1. Clock
2. a signal on at least 1 data input.

Any signal crossing 1V can be used as a clock or data signal.
Leave the clock signal steady and vary the frequency of the signal to the data input.
Also try different wave-shapes such as square, sawtooth or triangle

sOME NLC words of wisdom:

ICs first.
Now for the through hole stuff:
Headers to join the 2 PCBs.
Install the Jacks & LEDs

- NLC build notes
- NLC blog 
- NLC panel - CMOS (Serge format) 
- jondent blog - The cipher section of the serge/CMOS panel 


Works well with Buchla.

The upper 9 jacks are trigger outs.
000 to 111 are binary for 0 to 7.
Super serial = ??? Its another trigger out.
CV1 to CV4 are outputs.
The CV outputs are all related to each other but are all different; part of CV1 is fed to CV2, part of CV2 is fed to CV3 etc.
The lower row are all inputs.

"The strobe input makes it a bit like an 8 bit sample and hold.
If nothing is inserted into the strobe jack the module carries on as normal. When a signal is introduced to strobe, the data obtained from the data jack is only loaded onto the outputs when the signal is high. "
You can find more NLC builds here.

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