Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Giant Bono - NLC build notes.

This Eurorack module is related to two earlier Nonlinearcircuit modules I've built.
The Vactrol PiLL and the DelayNoMore.
The Vactrol Pill used the famous phase locked loop IC - the CMOS 4046
The delay, uses the PT2399 chip.

Andrew describes it as such:
"Mostly, as the name implies, this module will make a lot of crappy noise and is only controllable in the sense of how crappy it sounds".

Awesome  If you love noise & distortion like I do, this should be a cool module.

Andrew's build notes are here:

The 4046 has a linear voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and two different phase comparators (PC1 & PC2). They have a common signal-input amplifier and a common comparator input.

"The mixoutput (of the Giant Bono) is comprised of the PLL VCO signal and the delay chip’s main output. VCO output is the raw PLL VCO.
The PC1 (phase comparator) is a 0-6V square wave, usually at audio rates.
PC2 is a lot more sporadic and is best used as a burst generator."

I'm building version 6 of the PCB
I think these have the earlier errors mentioned in the build notes fixed.

The virgin PCB & faceplate.

Hot Hot Hot....

I like to get the surface mount ICs on first. then the rest of the SMds

This is where the vactrol goes

K= cathode.
Marked with a white dot on the vactrol

Headers, caps, rest of the thru hole stuff.

 Jacks and knobs. All 100k B

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