Thursday, 17 August 2017

NLC - RingPull - Rimples - Ringmods - build notes.

These are my build notes for the Nonlinearcircuits RingPull Eurorack module.
Actually, the final name isnt set in stone yet.
Rimples ?? Ringmods, ??? Ring Pull ??
 The PCB above is I understand an earlier version called Rimples.

The version I'm building today is a prototype - version 5 of the module.
There might be future changes.

Andrew F describes it as a ring modulator with a phase locked loop to do the modulating!
The PLL can be set to lock tightly, loosely or not at all with the incoming signal.

Some pics of the virgin PCB & faceplate.:

At the time of writing, there are no official build notes or schematics.
The CD 4046 is a CMOS phase locked loop (PLL) IC.
Its the oscillator that provides the modulation for the ring mod

The resistor is 1M.
And I'm using LL4148 signal diodes.
The mouser no for the CD4046 is 595-CD4046BNSRE4
Its a phase locked loop PLL

just the LED, sockets & pots to install

The PCB indicated using a 10K resistor for the LED resistor. I ended up using a 510R .
Adjust for your own requirements.
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