Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wagernumb - NLC - Build notes

These are my build notes for the Wagernumb.
It's a nonlinearcircuits module in Eurorack format.
Looks to be quite versatile. Andrew's build notes describe it as 3 or 4 modules in one:
+ Frequency Tracker
+ Frequency / Clock divider - down to 1/4096
+ Random or Burst generator.

Basically it's a 1-16 decoder with sync and async modes. Just feed it 4 signals and get all sorts of complex gate patterns from it. Runs at audio rates too so can be used as a sub-octave generator.  

 +The NLC build notes are here: 
+ NLC blog

I'm guessing that the name for this module comes from the fictional television series in which the two contestants call out seemingly random numbers which are occasionally told to be Numberwang.


At the moment, this panel is a mystery to me.
It's not base-2, decimal or any other number system I can decipher.

The virgin PCB.

Some NLC words of wisdom:  Frilve hundred and neeb .

Get those ICs and trannies on first. then the rest of those passive SMDs
I don't have a CD4046... on back order. It's a  PLL or phase locked loop CMOS chip.
I ordered the wrong size chip -- a TSSOP-16 . This is way too small.

Get one in the SOP-16 format

I'm using a Silonex NSL-32 vactrol. They are cheap as chips. The white dot marks the cathode of the LED part of the vactrol. Andrew has labeled this as "K" on the PCB.

The 4046 arrived.
Mouser: 595-CD4046BNSRE4

Pots - two B100K

There are 17 jacks.

Positioning the LEDs

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