Sunday, 20 August 2017

Divine CMOS - NLC - Build notes

Some build notes for the nonlinearcircuit divine CMOS.

I first encountered this circuit in 4U.  Its a great module.

Now I have the fortune to build this in Eurorack format and see how it works.
There are 2 CMOS chips. A CD4520 & a CD4070.
Both are surface mount.
The CD4520 is a CMOS Dual Binary Up-counter.
It consists of 2 identical 4 stage counters.

The CD4070 is a Quad 2-input Exclusive - OR gate (XOR)
You can also use in its place a 4011 (NAND), 4001(OR), 4071(0R) 4077(XNOR), 4081(AND).

The Divine CMOS is a divider & mixer. Can be used with both audio and CV/LFO inputs to either divide and mix up audio level harmonics or get interesting patterns to drive other modules.

Andrew's Build notes are here:

 The virgin PCBs & faceplate.

I don't have all the components yet .. on back order.

The S1JL rectifier is still on back order so I'm using replacements.
Mouser Part No: 583-FM4005-T for the recitfier.
The rectifier is polarized. The cathode end is marked with a band. 

This replacement is slightly too big for the PCB. so i had to solder it on its side.
The trannies are all 847s

I used a standard 3mm LED instead of a bipolar.

You can find more NLC builds here.

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