Friday, 12 October 2018

Soma Lab Lyra-8 DIY build - Part 1

Some pics of my Soms Laboratory Lyra-8 build.
This synth comes from Russia. Soma describe it as a "Organismic Synth".

It's 8 voice, totally analogue, with built in delay & distortion.

Each voice can be tuned independently.

It's making me reconsider what a synthesizer actually is .... Soma don't desciribe the voices as VCOs..
rather they are organ style voices that are triggered with circular touch contacts. This does not have a regular keyboard. There is no 1V/oct input.
(I'm actually using some circular screws I got from my local hardware store).

" Each voice produces raw waveforms that can be shifted from triangle to square. Acting in pairs, they serve as carriers and modulators in a rather mind-blowing form of knobby, interactive FM synthesis." (SOS).

The frequency of each voice ranges from LFO can be triggered via the touch contacts to form chords, drones etc.

I owe much to radio engineer Vlad Kreimer for making this possible.

This has been an on-going build for quite a while.

Many of the parts can't be sourced from my regular suppliers like mouser , etc so I've resorted to Ebay ... so who know how good the quality will be.
So far the build has been easy - it's all thru hole, and the components are well spaced.
Lots of room for future mods.

Most of my time has actually been consumed with translating the BOM to parts which are easily available in Australia (digikey, mouser etc).
Also I was initially confused with the different PCB revisions

It has stalled for the moment as i'm waiting on a front panel (from a friend which may never appear ???).
I may resort to hacking my own DIY panel.

Part 2 of the Lyra Build can be found here:

Part 3 is here

Part 4: Making the Lyra Panel face plate

+ Lyra FX eurorack module
+ Soma Lab
+ Muffs DIY kit
+ Muffs - modded lyra ?


  1. Question for you: How did this project go? Do you have a list of components to save someone less experienced with the BOM hassle?

    1. I've recommenced the build.

  2. Hello, I haven't completed the build. I was put on the back burner due to some other commitments.
    I'll recommence it soon.
    Sorry for the delay.

  3. Hey, also based in Australia and about to commence a build. I'm going to just use the Mouser cart provided by Soma but I still need to source ICs, pots and switches. Are these the parts you resorted to eBay for? Any suggestions of where I should be looking? Thanks!

    1. Hello, I think I bought most of these parts from Mouser.
      Some of the pots were hard to find. Places like Thonk, Tayda and Small Bear Electronics are places to try.
      Ebay is my final option.