Thursday, 4 September 2014

TTSH - ARP 2600 - Build notes - Index

I've really enjoyed building the TTSH.
It's given me a unique perspective of one of the greatest synthesizers of all time - The ARP 2600.
As my build notes are all over this blog I thought it would be good to put them into some sort of order
Thus this index:

1. Preconstruction Pics
2. 2047-1 VCO submodule
3. PSU - We have the Power !!!
4. VCO 1
5. VCO 2
6. VCO 3
7. 4012 Filter (DIY)
8.  The 4020 ADSR
9a. Transistor Matching.
9b. VCA  (4010 & 4019)
10. Ring Modulator (4014)
11. Pre Amp 
12. Envelope Follower 
13. Mixer & Reverb  
14. Noise 
15. Voltage Processors 
16. Internal Clock 
17. Sample & Hold 
18. Electronic Switch 
19. The Amplifiers 
20. Final bits 
21. First Impressions (Video)
22. Building the TTSH in 14 mins (Two Videos)

This order of building the TTSH can be changed of course.
I've basically followed Zthee's notes and found them to be very useful.
It's taken me about 3 months to put together, but I estimate that it can be done in about 20hrs
if you put your mind to it (giving up eating & any toilet breaks).
But if you take the long road this is a very rewarding experience. Studying the circuit diagrams and trying to
understand how the ARP engineers put this together nearly 50 years ago is so cool.
We have a window into the mind of Alan Richard Pearlman.

Thanks Zthee. :-)


  1. brother, id swim from here to russia for one of these TTSH.... any chance youd build me one next batch? Id pay you heaps well :) kind regards, chris WA

    1. Hello Bro, I've just checked the Human Comparator shop and the TTSH kit still seems to be out of stock. Sorry. When more is available I'll order a kit or two. There are some TKB (Touch Keyboards) available.
      I'll probably build one of these next.

  2. Hello Luxury Slide.
    I've only just found your message. So sorry for the delay.
    You might have already sorted this out by now. However, when the second version comes out I'll probably do another build. Its pretty labour intensive.
    I'll let let you know if this happens. If you are still in the market for one. Cheers Jono

  3. what is the approx total price of all components, boards and case to build this yourself?

    1. You should be able to out one together for under $1500 USD

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  5. Hello,

    finally starting my TTSH rev that i have for 1 year now !
    thanks for your amazing website. very usefull to read all the procedure (even if rev1) and read your advices.
    thx so much for that work !

    1. My pleasure. Glad to be of help.And good luck with your build.